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Madrid Baby Towel (sold out)

During the lockdown the whole world re-evaluated their time, their handcrafts and their choice of company. We all realized how our friends and family are the most important thing we have. When the world goes up in flames, we want to stand with our loved ones. Nadja, schoenstaub’s founder and creative director, wanted to produce a capsule collection for the whole family. We strongly believe in all family constellations, as long as there is love. The Family Collection consists of adult long and short sleeved shirts, kids shirts, babies bodies as well as baby towels. They are all hand dyed by Nadja and are made with a lot of love. Each piece is unique.

Baby Towel
100 % Cotton

  • 50 x 60 cm
  • colors may fade
  • wash separately for the first few washes
  • do not tumble dry to keep the size
  • each one is hand dyed and unique, design may vary

Cleo and Raye are wearing the Madrid Baby towel.


CHF15 including VAT and import costs

Sold out!