Fantastic Object 2

In the times of health frenzies, superfoods, workout apps and Instagram beauty we asked our- selves: How can we conserve a touch of nonchalance when no sugar challenges and hashtag mania dominate our life? What to hold on to when substitute religions come and go with every change of season? When do we put the pressure off performance and accomplishment aside to simply enjoy to the fullest? What is absolutely and indisputably FANTASTIC? Rituals and celebrations remain the hubs within society unaffected by our meritocracy. We created objects with the inspiration of life and culture around us:
drinking, smoking and loving.
The FANTASTIC collection consists of beautiful monuments for your tabletop representing a tribute to quality lifestyle and a celebration of the everyday.
The objects are handmade by the traditional company Zsolnay.


Dimensions: 9 x 12 x 18 cm

Material: Eosin glazed ceramic
Care: Can be used as ashtray. Clean with a dry microfibre cloth. Not made for food.

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