Open Ride, Zürich

Bespoke towels for OPEN RIDE, produced by schoenstaub

OPEN RIDE, a new boutique fitness brand, provides three indoor cycling concepts aimed to open up the world of fitness to as many people as possible.

Launching in 2019 in Zurich’s Europaallee, the first studio will offer unique versions of rhythm and metric based indoor cycling. Not only innovating the use of light and sound in combination with a fitness experience, in a world-first it will incorporate Bala Bangles wearable weights that deliver a revolutionary total body work- out; OPEN RIDE is the exclusive Swiss partner of the LA-based lifestyle brand. OPEN RIDE also brings the world of music and fitness together through a signature event-based class, held in live-music venues with up- and-coming artists, which collides the experience of a live concert with the virtue of a workout.