Home is where the heart is. That’s why schoenstaub offers elements for the living space that will enrich your most cherished place in the world. Our collections of woven carpets, printed bath towels as well as hand painted ceramics and pillows are contemporary with a certain cutting-edge. They are products of unique design and excellent workmanship and will be with you for years.

Founder and designer Nadja Stäubli unites her passion for intriguing visual arts with the expertise of Swiss high-end technology in developing the schoenstaub collection. Collaborating closely with leading manufacturing enterprises, schoenstaub creates products that incorporate photorealistic motives, graphic elements and fine drawings. Stephanie Aebischer joined Nadja Stäubli as Head of Sales. All of the products are designed in Zurich, Switzerland, whereas the carpets are woven in a renowned manufacturing company in Iran and most of the complementing objects of the collections are made in Europe.